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in Fabry disease

Let's lighten the load for the Fabry community—and explore how to help those who suffer from daily symptoms and long-term challenges. Together, we can unleash new potential in how we face Fabry disease.

The hidden impact of Fabry disease

If you have Fabry disease, or a loved one does, you might be experiencing daily symptoms—symptoms you may have come to accept over time and think of as unavoidable.

Fabry disease impacts you or your loved one—even when it’s considered under control. 

Daily life

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Gastrointestinal issues

Long-term challenges

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Fabry is a progressive disease: one that gets worse over time. Current treatments are invaluable for many people with Fabry disease, but some patients still experience the symptoms and long-term complications of the disease despite their treatments.

What is Fabry disease?

Fabry disease is an inherited condition that impacts both children and adults. It can impact different people in different ways, but it all starts with one thing: an enzyme.

How the lack of one enzyme can lead to many issues

image of alpha-Gal A and fat inside a cell

We all have enzymes inside our bodies to help our cells work.

alpha-Gal A symbol

When someone has Fabry disease, their body can’t produce enough working copies of an enzyme called
alpha-Gal A.*

healthy cell with alpha-Gal A, and Fabry cell without

Normally, alpha-Gal A breaks down a type of fat that provides energy to the body. But without alpha-Gal A doing its job, this fat can build up and damage cells throughout the body.

number 4 and painful-looking kidneys, brain, and heart

Damaged cells lead to the signs and symptoms of Fabry disease.

*alpha-Gal A, alpha-galactosidase.

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Rethink Fabry Webinar Series


If you or someone you care for has Fabry, you don't want to miss the discussions in this free webinar series.

After receiving the diagnosis of Fabry disease, we may be surprised and uninformed and turn to the internet for information. While the information is helpful, at times it may not be relatable and can seem ominous and scary.

The topics in this Webinar Series will provide information and guidance that patients may need along their Fabry journey. Each webinar features a Fabry expert who will help you learn more and a Fabry patient who will share their experience, strength, and hope to help empower you.

These webinars are intended for US residents only. Register now to receive more information on this free series.

Understanding Fabry is the beginning of the journey. As we continue to walk side by side with Fabry disease, we often face surprises. This webinar will help you understand:

  • What Fabry disease is and is not
  • The long-term challenges you may face
  • How your empowerment can help you take positive actions

You will hear from a genetic counselor and a patient with Fabry disease who will share their experience, strength, and hope to guide you forward.

As Fabry patients, we may think that we are okay when we are not. Being aware of what may or may not happen is pivotal to how we live with Fabry. This webinar will help you:

  • Understand some of the common symptoms and strategies to manage them
  • Review the possible challenges you may encounter
  • Empower you to become your own advocate with your healthcare team

After receiving the diagnosis of Fabry disease, we often feel shocked. We may find ourselves angry and often hopeless. We live in silence. There is hope. This webinar will help you:

  • Address and manage “psychosocial feelings” that many people with Fabry experience
  • Understand the importance of building a support network
  • Gain practical guidance on how to get the support you need for living with Fabry

Progress leads to possibilities

We’re making progress by creating a greater awareness of what people with Fabry disease are facing—what their daily lives look like, how they feel, and what can be done about it.

Awareness and action can create better possibilities for people with Fabry disease.

woman with cellphone woman with cellphone woman with cellphone
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More proactive care
Addressing the daily symptoms and long-term damage 

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More informed care
Helping to deal with the limitations of current management of the disease

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More advanced care
Searching for strategies to recognize and care for Fabry disease earlier in its course

By rethinking our plan today, we may be able to change outcomes tomorrow.

Make the most of your doctor appointments

Learn more about discussing Fabry disease with your care team.

Download this resource to help facilitate conversations with you and your Fabry care team. This informative guide can help you:

  • Understand the risks of disease progression
  • Set up your healthcare team of core doctors and an extended team of specialists, who can help with more specific issues
  • Learn how to actively participate and take the lead in better managing your Fabry
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Stay informed on how we can fly higher above Fabry

The Fabry community is ready to demand more.

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