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These free webinars are designed for patients by patients.

Bringing Light to the Fabry Storm

The unpredictability of Fabry disease can cast its shadow across many aspects of your and your loved ones’ lives. Whether you are on an existing treatment or have chosen to delay treatment, you may continue to struggle with symptoms, often in silence. In this webinar, an expert and a small panel of people living with Fabry will bring these challenges into the spotlight, sharing their perspectives on overcoming adversity. By illuminating what it means to live with Fabry disease, the panel will help participants see beyond these difficulties toward the hope of tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 2, 2023

8:00–9:00 PM ET

Guest Speakers

Dawn Dawn Dawn

Dawn Laney, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor/Assistant Professor
Emory University
Atlanta, GA


Curtis P.

Janesville, WI


Jireh S.

Elk Grove, CA


Marina G.

Fort Worth, TX

If you are or caring for someone living with Fabry and looking for insights, helpful tips, and guidance from a Fabry expert and other Fabry patients, this is a discussion you won’t want to miss.

At the conclusion of the program, you will have the opportunity to ask our panel questions.